Accelerated Reader Results 18 November 2015


Accelerated Reader – Top 50

18th November 2015 Word Count

Name                                     Words Read

Feldman, Isaac                    3,879,528

Loydell, Jessica                   2,851,608

Belcher, Charlie                   2,695,242

Clifton, Luka                         2,285,647

Ings, Amber                          1,823,046

Faux, Molly                           1,717,260

Clayton-Jones, Joseph         1,251,421

Gregson, Rachael                 1,180,030

Hutton, Luc                           1,150,910

Poulter, Ben                          1,136,343

Browning, Anna                     1,112,952

Galbraith, Pablo                        998,694

Saskia, Adie                              944,312

Shaju, Sneha                             929,095

Clarke, Hannah                          928,615

Dolan, Tom                                831,088

West, Benjamin                         786,906

Connell, Isabella                        778,616

Bradley, Ben                              600,984

Harrison, Abbie                          592,454

Willis, Jasmine                           591,856

Webster, Sam                            583,690

Ravichandran, Abhilash             568,947

Hanni, Barnes                             506,573

Tuff, Jasmine                              462,430

Georgelin, Jake                          457,650

Stribley, Finley                            454,086

Martin, Lily                                  433,861

Olivia, Allen                                425,849

Mills, Charlie                               423,523

Davies, Louiza                            403,177

Gough, Cara                               397,381

Overend, Emma                         395,703

Mansell, Isabelle                        382,532

Anderson, Burt                           359,859

Sherman, Maya                          339,223

Pascoe, Cairwen                        329,134

Gazzard, Lowena                       319,775

Hoyle, Mia                                  316,010

Joss, Alford                                 313,163

Hoadley, Harek                           311,729

Sellars, Phoebe                          289,978

Bulford-Forbes, Benjamin           276,756

Hocking, Travis                           276,645

Starr, Isabella                              270,941

Stanier-Smith, Frances               267,446

Alex, Benson                              266,348

Downing, Caitlin                         261,709

Ireland, Beth                               257,941

Burton, Quinn                             231,349


Accelerated Reader – Top 50 4th November 2015


Accelerated Reader – 4th November 2015

Year 7 – Top 50

Name                  Words Read

Feldman, Isaac              3,642,401

Loydell, Jessica             2,729,956

Belcher, Charlie             2,695,242

Clifton, Luka                  2,052,491

Ings, Amber                   1,646,935

Clayton-Jones, Joseph   1,251,421

Gregson, Rachael          1,180,030

Faux, Molly                   1,163,067

Poulter, Ben                  1,136,343

Hutton, Luc                   1,070,414

Browning, Anna             1,006,536

Galbraith, Pablo             900,211

Clarke, Hannah 850,390

Dolan, Tom                   831,088

Connell, Isabella            778,616

Saskia, Adie                  753,454

West, Benjamin             748,153

Shaju, Sneha                 648,337

Bradley, Ben                 600,984

Harrison, Abbie              592,454

Willis, Jasmine              591,856

Webster, Sam               583,690

Hanni, Barnes                506,573

Georgelin, Jake 457,650

Stribley, Finley              454,086

Martin, Lily                    433,861

Olivia, Allen                   425,849

Davies, Louiza               403,177

Overend, Emma             395,703

Ravichandran, Abhilash 367,416

Anderson, Burt              359,859

Mills, Charlie                 350,406

Pascoe, Cairwen            329,134

Sherman, Maya             326,429

Gazzard, Lowena           319,775

Hoyle, Mia                     316,010

Gough, Cara                  314,759

Hoadley, Harek              271,993

Starr, Isabella                270,941

Downing, Caitlin             261,709

Sellars, Phoebe             259,334

Ireland, Beth                  257,941

Hocking, Travis              238,928

Fish, Hannah                 230,990

Alex, Benson                 229,985

Tuff, Jasmine                 225,509

Tremayne-Ward, Oliver   220,728

Burton, Quinn                209,681

Davies, Matthew            201,032


Accelerated Reader Millionaires – final results 2015


Words Read from 22/09/2014 to 20/07/2015

Judd, Polly                          9,755,486

Jones, River                        5,275,479

Mitchell, Harvey                  4,204,397

Campion, Olive                   4,077,183

Howard, Robin                    3,600,282

Clatworthy, Jack                  3,358,354

Bartlam, Tiegan                   2,997,784

Davies, Orlando                   2,952,901

McDonnell-Coates, Ben       2,900,463

Edwards, Katie                     2,864,923

Davies, Jessica                    2,729,992

Van Hoorn, Pat                    2,498,141

Tinney, Daniel                      2,487,697

Jacomb, Abi                         2,334,187

Haddrell, Emily                     2,297,813

Fawcitt, Esme                       2,232,791

Cooper, Henry                      2,024,091

Roberts, William                   2,016,211

Hamilton, Jemma                 2,012,834

Hawtrey-Collier, Taryn         2,007,251

Wiltshire, George A              1,714,577

Dixon, Emily                         1,546,344

Hardman, Louise                  1,482,281

Tripp, Grace                         1,447,580

Radford, Jessica                  1,379,199

Haworth, Ellie                       1,366,822

Pond, Mikey                         1,331,259

Ruse, Samson                     1,294,348

Penrose, Joseph                  1,252,515

Hammond, Joseph               1,228,148

Nankervis, James                 1,171,925

Firth, Isaac                            1,158,162

Finlay, Tom                           1,149,127

Sydenham, Noah                  1,110,413

Reed, Marcus                       1,094,988

Evans, Ben                           1,070,704

Dunstan, Will                        1,019,855

Morris, Matilda                      1,005,462

Harris, Amelie                       1,002,134

Chris Riddell Children’s Laureate


Chris Riddell unmasked as the new Children's Laureate

Chris Riddell is the new Waterstones Children’s Laureate for 2015-2017!  The award-winning writer, illustrator, political cartoonist and former Book Trust Online Writer in Residence said:

‘I am humbled to take on this role after the giants that have come before me. I want to put the joy of creativity, of drawing every day, of having a go and being surprised at what one can achieve with just a pencil and an idea at the heart of my term as Laureate. I want to make sure people have fun whilst addressing fundamental issues I care about passionately.’

Chris is the ninth Children’s Laureate, inheriting the role from Noughts and Crosses author Malorie Blackman, who presented him with the Laureate medal at a ceremony at Bafta on June 9th. Previous Children’s Laureates include Jacqueline Wilson, Quentin Blake, Anthony Browne and Michael Morpurgo,  who devised the award with Ted Hughes, then Poet Laureate.

The Story Republic at Richard Lander Library


The Story Republic will be in Richard Lander Library, castles, book shops and cafes and on harbours, boats and hill tops across Cornwall this summer.

A first of its kind in Cornwall and beyond, The Story Republic is an exciting programme of events and installations to delight and inspire audiences through the wonder of the written word. With a schools programme plus visiting Cornish festivals and events!

IMG_6027 (Custom) (2)

Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award


POSTER_cut-out-WEB-e1425926383212The Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award is for poems written by any young poet aged 11-17. Since it began 15 years ago the Award has kick-started the career of some of today’s most exciting new voices. It is the largest competition of its kind and is free to enter.

Each year 100 winners (85 Commendations and 15 Overall Winners) are selected by a team of high profile judges. The winners receive their awards at an annual prize-giving event on National Poetry Day.

The competition is now open for entries. The closing date is Midnight, GMT on 31 July 2015.